ZenphotoPress is a plugin for WordPress. It is designed to provide an easy way to include Zenphoto images into your blog posts.

ZenphotoPress 1.6 is fully compatible with WordPress 2.8 and Zenphoto 1.2.6. For older Wordpress versions, download Zenphotopress 1.3.1.



  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Expand the compressed archive in your WordPress plugins directory (most likely wordpress/wp-content/plugins).
  3. Open WordPress and activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
  4. Configure ZenphotoPress. Open the Settings menu and select ZenphotoPress. Insert the URL of your Zenphoto gallery. That's it!

Please notice that you may need to clear your browser cache in order to see the ZenphotoPress icon in the rich text editor.


Since the name change in version 1.3 affected pretty much all plugin files and Wordpress database entries, the only way to perform a clean upgrade is to uninstall any previous version of the plugin and reinstall the latest version from scratch.

In the Options panel an "Upgrade" button will be available to import all the preferences from past versions of the plugin to the latest version.

It is strongly advised to clear the browser cache after the upgrade.


Images in posts

When editing a post or a page, a new icon will be available in the editor: ZenphotoPress Icon.

Click on the icon and a new window will open: from the window you can select your album, insert images, change options etc.

It is possible to insert:

It is possible to associate a link to the inserted element:

It is possible to specify:

In the Configuration page it is possible to set custom values for all the popup options, to avoid repeating menu selections over and over.

Galleries in posts

To insert a gallery in a post use the [zenphotopress] shortcode. For more options, see shortcode_howto.txt in the ZenphotoPress installation directory.


To use the ZenphotoPress widget, simply activate it from the Design->Widgets menu in Wordpress.


All downloads are hosted on wordpress.org Plugin Directory: ZenphotoPress.


To get updated answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit ZenphotoPress FAQ on Wordpress Plugin Directory.


ZenphotoPress is licensed under the GPL.